"Life has been very stressful and this boy knows just how to calm me. He was my very first rescue I brought to the barn and I instantly connected with him. He is my soul mate...so I epically failed at my first rescue horse who I was supposed to rehome🤷🏻‍♀️❤️"           -Aileen Stevens, Herd of Hope's founder and director


"A pretty awesome story...I had posted pictures of my rescue boy, Oden, last year. And as fate would have it, his old owner, shelby, recognized him on my rescue’s Facebook page. She had to give him up when her grandmothers health was deteriorating and the man who was supposed to keep them ended up giving her horses away and would never tell her what happened to them. Oden had ended up at auction where I rescued him. So whenever she’s back in town, she always has an open invitation to come visit our special boy ❤️" -Aileen Stevens, Herd of Hope's founder and director


Adopted by Aileen's daughter Rowan. 


Portia, our beautiful Percheron Rescue, getting some sun and rest. Her momma, Tara, loves her so much and gives this girl the best life 😍 and she deserves it. She was a working field horse and had an extremely hard life...her feet and legs tell her story. But now she’s able to relax and be a horse ❤️


Out little fighter Fresco is home at Our Happy Place Equestrian Center. 


Our beautiful Arabian, Jewel, has been adopted! 


Carlton is at his retirement home  and doing awesome! He’s made so many friends and is putting weight on. Momma is happy to keep receiving these awesome updates on him. While we miss him, we know he’s happier with all his new friends ❤️ happy horse


Destiny was officially adopted. Her new mom, Judy, is so excited to make this girl a part of her family. And Judy’s granddaughter is just as excited to have another horse to ride. What an amazing feeling to see one of our rescue babies placed into an incredible family ❤️


"Our newest baby in the Stevens family. A Gypsy Vanner colt from the New Holland Auction. We named him Maximus. He is doing so well with consistent work and patience. Love this giant baby❤️" -Aileen Stevens, Herd of Hope's founder and director 


Spoiled and loved by his family


Adopted and loves her job of helping with wedding carriage rides


Adopted. He was gifted to one of our barn family's who always dreamt of having her own horse. 


Adopted. A Westphailian Warmblood who we rescued approximately two years ago. Her adopted mama is Jen Adams, co-partner of Our Happy Place...Herd of Hope's home facility. 



Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is adored by a loving family with two little girls. She is being trained to be a therapy animal. 


Baron was a horse who had an awful eye injury while he was in the kill pen. We couldn't let him suffer like that so we pulled him and took him to quarantine where the vet assess and had to remove his eye. He has since been adopted and is living in Florida and is spoiled rotten with his other rescue brothers. His new mom spares no expense for this boys comfort and he is so loved. 


Inky was an untrusting, frightened little guy when we rescued him. He is now living luxurious life with his new family. 

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